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Important note

After the release 1.13 we took two important decisions :

  • Current evolution of development tools made us port the repository to Git
  • Since Finance::Quote releases are available through CPAN we also decided to make full use of the tools available on the Cpan platform.
  • Please note that we are in the early stages of the implementation of these changes. Some of the work has already been done, but some data has still to be ported or disgarded. Please take a look at this page for further evolution. Reports will also be posted to the developers mailing-list. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause.


    Bugs can be submitted and tracked via Cpan's RT bug-tracking system. Before submitting a bug, please make sure that someone else has not submitted the bug already.

    Bugs posted on the Sourceforge's bug tracking system after 1.7.2007 are ported to RT. Older bug reports (prior to release 1.13) will certainly be disgarded. Don't use the Sourceforge's BTS for new bug reports as those won't be checked.


    Patches must be submitted as file attachments to bug reports (see above).

    Patches submitted on Sourceforge's site after 1.7.2007 will eventually be lookad at. Older patches will certainly be disgarded.

    For reference, we'll mention the link to the SourceForge's patch manager. Don't use it for new patches as those won't be checked.

    Before submitting a patch please make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of Finance::Quote, and that nobody has submitted an equivalent patch already.


    A developer's mailing list exists for those people who are using or developing Finance::Quote. For more information, see our Discussion Groups and Mailing Lists page.


    Anonymous access to the development branch is available for those wishing to use the development branch of Finance::Quote. Details on anonymous Git access can be found here.


    The development repository has been ported to Git. Please note that while CVS is still available, updates starting at version 1.13 won't be sent to the CVS repository.

    Details on anonymous CVS access can be found here.

    Hacker's Guide

    The Hacker's Guide contains information on how to extend Finance::Quote to make use of your own custom information sources. The most recent version of the Hacker's Guide can be found here.